Armando’s Bulldogs

Bulldogs are an extremely popular breed amongst Americans. The chubby looking, wrinkled, lazy dogs are the mascots of many TV shows and movies and even countries, which is why people seek out this race more than any other. What they do not know is that they are a very sensitive breed that requires a lot of attention and care.
A bulldog breeder must be very educated in what such a dog needs. As I said above, they need a lot of attention and extra care. In case you are looking for such a breeder in Manchester, New Hampshire area, Armando’s Bull Dogs is perfect for you.

About Armando’s Bull Dogs

The breeder, Armando Martinez, has started this business 23 years ago, right after becoming a veterinarian. While he was in school he developed a passion for bulldogs, he himself owning two of them. So he decided to transform his passion into a thriving business. The personal touch makes this breeder one of the best in the entire state.

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The Extra Mile

In its 23 years of activity, Armando’s Bull Dogs has become the number one choice when anyone is looking to purchase a bulldog. Even though there aren’t many puppies available, people manage to reserve a pup. Sometimes it takes up to a year (or more) for someone to get their puppy. The reason behind this practice is that the breeder does not want to exploit the females.
As you may know, bulldogs do not give birth to many puppies at once. And when they do, 80% of the puppies are delivered by c-section. Their heads are big and can get stuck in their mother’s birth canal. You can only imagine the care a mother needs after birth. With this in mind, it would be utterly cruel for a female to have more than one litter per year. Depending on the circumstances, a female can have a 1,5 – 2-year gap between litters. That is why Armando’s Bull Dogs does not use this practice under any circumstances.

Health Aspects

Any real bulldog breeder will tell you that a bulldog’s health is no child’s play. Not anyone can handle the delicacy that comes with breeding bulldogs. But Armando’s Bull Dogs is a leading expert. The fact that the breeder is a veterinarian is of significant help. Armando’s father bred pugs when he was growing up- a breed that is well know for having health issues. Most well known is the proclivity for seizures in pugs. The experience as a child means that Armando is particularly careful with the lines of bulldogs he works with. The puppies are well taken care of from the minute they come into this world until they reach their forever home; even longer if the new owners live in the area. Dr. Martinez says that it is a delight the fact that he gets to see his puppies. Sometimes he gets to be their veterinarian their whole life.
The puppies come with up-to-date shots and worming. Just as the parents are. Upon purchase, every new owner will get the instructions they need to raise their new puppy. There is no need for a lecture, but Armando’s Bull Dogs wants to make sure that every owner has the necessary knowledge they require for raising a bulldog.
To whom it may concern the parents are only champions or derive from a champion line. That ensures the breed remains pure 100%.

Behavioural Aspects

Whoever is familiar with the breed knows that Bulldogs are mostly docile. They are often compared to couch potatoes. However, if not socialized, they can develop a bad temper. That is why Armando’s Bull Dogs makes sure to socialize all the puppies as soon as possible. In the first few weeks of life, they are put amongst people, as well as amongst other dogs from different breeds. That will ensure the dog’s adaptability in the future.
Surprising as it may sound, many breeders do not care for a puppy’s versatility in a forever home. Armando’s Bull Dogs treats this as a paramount aspect. Bulldogs are renowned for their bonds with the family’s children. In which case, its temperament should be a primary concern. A dog, regardless of the breed, should never show bad behavior towards kids (or people in general) or in the presence of children (e.g. conflicts with other dogs).
To conclude, Armando’s Bull Dogs is the best bulldog breeder in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. The devotion Dr. Martinez shows for this unique breed is one of a kind. There are too few people who manage to show this degree of dedication towards dogs, but this breeder exceeds all expectations. Along with the care for health issues and temperamental issues, this kind bulldog breeder walks the extra mile to ensure that all the puppies are well taken care of and happy.